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The professionals practising in these rooms provide a wide range of specialisms, which currently includes:


Each business manages their own appointments diary so any enquiries and/or bookings must be made directly to the professional concerned.

Physiotherapy                                  Advance Physio Ltd           www.advancephysio.com

Clinical Hypnotherapy                     Peter Sandy                          www.healthymindsclinic.co.uk

Facial Aesthetics                              FreshFaced.com                 www.freshfaced.com 

Male Waxing Specialist                    Gwendoline Pugh               www.malewaxingandgrooming.co.uk

Nutritional Therapy                           Nadia  Mason                         www.discovernutrition.co.uk 

Consultant Clinical Psychologist    Amelia Mangani                  email: amelia.m.mangani@gmail.com

Non Surgical Beauty                          Shelly                                 www.nonsurgicalbeauty.co.uk


Specialist Practitioners in Cheshire


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