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Room 2 is available as a dedicated counselling room with comfortable seating, a floor lamp and a CD player to create a relaxed ambience.


Where counselling takes place what is important is not only its location in the building but also the physical layout of the room which can make a big difference. Therefore, making a choice of where to engage with your patients is vital. This has all been considered when allocating this room for this purpose.

Room facilities and equipment

  • Soft, fabric covered 2 seater sofa

  • Comfortable tub chair

  • Low level coffee table

  • CD Player with Bluetooth compatibility

  • Table clock

  • Facial Tissues

  • Floor lamp

  • Metal waste bin

  • Sliding 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the room door

  • Lockable door

  • Natural light


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Room 2   (9ft x 7ft )

Room2 pic 2

Comfortable counselling room