Centric Consulting Rooms Logo Therapy room 3

Room 3   (9ft x 18ft)

Room facilities and equipment

  • 2 section plinth with breathing hole; couch roll provided

  • Comfortable tub chairs and low level table

  • CD Player with Bluetooth compatibility

  • Table clock

  • Facial tissues

  • Wall mounted, full length mirror

  • Hand washing facilities with liquid soap, hand sanitiser and hand towels provided

  • Large stainless steel waste bin

  • Sharps bin (available upon request)

  • Medical, metal equipment trolley (available upon request)

  • Sliding 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the room door

  • Lockable door

  • Natural light

A bright, airy room with a 2 section plinth that is suitable for consultations, treatment and therapy sessions.

Therapy / Treatment Room


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